Liberty Floor Mounted Tub System

A Beau Art inspired tub/hand shower system designed for free-standing tubs or claw-footed cast-iron tubs, with a stylish body fitted with 2 crystal levers & a diverter this system is  designed to promote a relaxing and rejuvenating experience in a bath lounge setting.



Liberty Floor Mounted Tub System Details


  • Activated by a pair of crystal levers controlling the volume and the temperature and delivering a fast water flow.   
  • Tub spout can deliver a flow of up to 9.5 GPM   ( 38 liters per minute) . Restrictions apply in the State of California
  • Complemented by a diverter with a handheld shower  
  • Handheld delivers 1,75 GPM  at 45 PSI ( ( 6.6 liters per minutes at 3 bars)
  • Other flow options available for outside California State 
  • Metric standard available  
  • Extra securing brackets to walls or tub, available for columns ( ref: 600 1266 2025)
  • Made with low lead brass; may include possible ABS component
  • Available in all finishes. All finishes are un-lacquered.
  • REF# 11106255
  1. Refer to technical drawings
  2. Recommended pressure: 45 PSI
  3. Flow rate for the outside of USA: inquire
  4. Wall-mounted configuration available 
  5. Deck mounted option available on short legs
  6. Multiple colored crystal lever options are available . 
  7. For questions: please contact s at:

Technical Specs

Liberty – Floor mounted tub filler with Novo hand held .75 inch NPT _ 11106255 specifications sheet


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