European Stones & High-End Bath Fittings, a premiere source for the design community since 1979.


Get clear-cut support to create inch-perfect architectural elements.
Uncover limitless options.

In house designed, artisanal craftsmanship high-end bath and kitchen fittings, at the cutting edge of technology. Tailored to your needs, to enhance your daily life.
Choose from a curated selection of new or reclaimed, meticulously sourced European stones.
Genuine antique sinks from Europe. Custom-made vanities to your specifications.
From colored clays, antique tiles, and custom patterns. Choose from a wide range of traditional and modern terra cotta with special finishes.
Decorative objects, custom made furnishings and one-of-a-kind curiosities.


Our in-house design, manufacturing, and engineering expertise can assist you in customizing your Compas project. Floor plans, layouts, mapping, technical specifications, special finishes, design adjustments or mechanical tweaks to any of our items, or even developing something completely unique for your needs are all possibilities.
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European Stones & High-End Bath Fittings
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