A premiere source for the design community since 1979. We offer a wide range of architectural appointments, handcrafted faucetry and antique stones.

Custom plumbing fixtures and stone flooring solutions. Our principle is to reclaim and reappropriate beautiful elements from the past. It is in line with our values to produce sustainable designs for today's eco-conscious sensibilities.

In house designed, artisanal craftsmanship at the cutting edge of technology. Tailored to your needs, to enhance your daily life.

” Changing the way you feel water…

Compas Plumbing and Fixtures Section
Tailored made solution for all your hard surfaces, fixtures, and architectural appointments.

Choose from a curated selection of new or reclaimed stones, meticulously sourced.

” Define your space with texture.

Compas Stones Section
Our design ethos and commitment to quality comes from having the highest standards. And striving for
the best results.

Genuine antique sinks from Europe. Custom-made vanities to your specifications.

” Modern glamour, yesterday meets today.

Compas Sinks Section

From colored clays, antique tiles, and custom patterns. Choose from a wide range of traditional and modern terra cotta with special finishes.

” Sustainable and reclaimed.

Compas Terra Cotta Section
A dedicated international team sourcing unique products.

Decorative objects, custom made furnishings and one-of-a-kind curiosities.

” Objects of affection.

Compas Home Appointments Section
Reach out to us to know more on how we provide custom plumbing fixtures and stone flooring solutions.

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