Villa Internal Shower System

The Villa shower ensemble is a high-performance thermostatic system from Europe. It has an anti-scalding integrated security system and a considerable water flow potential, with 3/4″ NPT inlets. It is actuated by three Villa levers with rotating brakes and a two-way diverter that directs water flow to either the showerhead or the handheld. It was created to provide an energizing shower experience.

Internal or exposed varieties with up to four water points are available. Fully customizable.

See components:
Thermostatic valve
On/Off control
Shower arm
Shower head



Villa Internal Shower System Details


  • It is made with low-lead brass.
  • It includes flow restrictors
  • Must be used with a 0n/0ff control valve,  to activate multiple points.       
  • Can be paired with other accessories from our collections
  • Meets and  complies with US standards
  • REF# 09506385 
  • Please refer to the technical drawings for flow and pressure- 
  1. See technical drawings
  2. Consult our sales assistant for further information or assistance in selecting the perfect system for you +310 854 3023


Technical Specs

Villa – Internal shower system .75 inch NPT _ 09506385 specifications sheet


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