Villa Thermostatic Trim & Valve

Villa European thermostatic trim and control is made to deliver an invigorating shower moment.



Villa Thermostatic Trim & Valve Details


  • Its  6” round trim is transitional and timeless
  • It is made with low-lead brass.
  • The lever controls the water temperature
  • It includes a temperature security indicator
  • Must be used with a 0n/0ff control valve.
  • Inlet:  ¾” F.  NPT 
  • Can be paired with other accessories from our collections.     
  • Meets and  complies with US standards
  • Trim ref# 09506385-T2
  1. Refer to drawing  
  2. Water pressure maximum: 145 PSI (5 Bars)
  3. Recommended pressure: 50 to 58 PSI
  4. Connection: ¾” female NPT
  5. factory tested- valves are lead-free and hand-installed
  6. Metric threading available on request
  7. For Flow rate for outside the USA: inquire
  8. California flow rate applies to California State

Technical Specs

Villa – Internal thermostatic trim .75 inch NPT _ 09506385 specifications sheet

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