Montecito Deck Mounted Tub System

Inspired by the Californian Spanish revival movement of the early part of the 20th century, the Montecito handle pays homage to a Mediterranean rich lifestyle and cultural legacy and, as demonstrated by the crafting skills of  the artisans l called upon to make these home true hedonistic Villas.  

The proposed tub system is composed of a simple alignment of finely curated components.

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Deck-Mount Handle
Deck-Mount Diverter Spout



Montecito Deck Mounted Tub System Details


  • Made and hammered by hand 
  • 2 Deck mounted ¾”  levers 
  • A tub spout with an integrated diverter  
  • A deck mounted handheld shower
  • Available in all finishes. All finishes are unlacquered 
  • Valves: ceramic disk
  • Made with low lead brass; includes possible ABS components.   
  1. Deck maximum thickness: 1.75”  ( 4.5 cm )
  2. Hole diameter: 1.1/8” ( 3 cm )
  3. Water pressure maximum: 75 PSI (5 Bars)
  4. unrestricted flow: 12 GPM at 75 PSI
  5. Recommended pressure: 45PSI
  6. recommended flow: 9 GPM at 45 psi
  7. Connection: ¾” NPT
  8. flow rate: restriction applies in California 
  9. Metric threading available on request
  10. all levers are fitted with rotation brakes
  11. See technical drawings


At Compas we offer a large selection finishes. All our finishes are live and patinate over time. We are environmentally conscious and all our finishes adhere to the highest, strict and controlled ecological standards.

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