925 Shower Head

The 925 low-profile shower head, beautifully executed like a timepiece, addresses water flow conservation and your shower enjoyment by maximizing the water spray.

An elegant flat shower head with a double ogee edge, plastic shower buds, and elegant screw details along the rim.



925 Shower Head Details


  • The  10” diameter trim is fitted with a series of  nozzles for a radiant water flow.        
  • A slim silhouette of ¾” studded with assertive screws  
  • Can be paired with all Compas shower arms 
  • Articulated by a ball joint
  • Restricted Flow rate: 1.75 GPM at 45 PSI
  • Made with low lead brass; may include ABS components
  • Ref number: 12501343
  1. Refer to drawing  
  2. available in all finishes. All finishes are unlacquered.
  3. Water pressure maximum: 75 PSI (5 Bars)
  4. Recommended pressure: 40 to 45  PSI
  5. Connection:  ½” NPT and G1/2” connector provided
  6. Metric threading only available on request
  7. Flow rate for outside the USA: inquire
  8. Mounted with a flow restrictor.

Technical Specs

925 – Flat-Shower-Head _ 12501343 specifications sheet


At Compas we offer a large selection finishes. All our finishes are live and patinate over time. We are environmentally conscious and all our finishes adhere to the highest, strict and controlled ecological standards.

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