Goldron Thermostatic System

Internal thermostatic shower trim with Goldron handle and valve.


Goldron Thermostatic System Details


  • In wall-mounted 
  • Connection: ¾”  NPT  threaded female inlet.
  • With anti-scalding security and a graduating lever for temperature
  • Can be installed with multiple water exit points-(refer to local code compliance)                              
  • Trim and valve supplied together
  • Max flow rate available: 20 GPM – operating pressure: recommended: 58 PSI 
  • Made with low lead brass; may include ABS components
  • REF #: 011901385
  1. Refer to drawing  
  2. Water pressure maximum: 145 PSI (5 Bars)
  3. Recommended pressure: 50 to 58 PSI
  4. Connection: ¾” female NPT
  5. Maximum unrestricted flow 21 GPM
  6. Factory tested – valves are lead-free and hand-installed
  7. Metric threading available on request
  8. Integrated anti scalding marker
  9. For Flow rate for outside the USA: inquire
  10. California flow rate applies to California State


Master artisans crafted the voluptuous curves and dominate lines of the Goldron collection. The Post Industrial design features state-of-the-art construction and intricate details.

Goldron Thermostatic System has a Post Industrial design features state-of-the-art construction and intricate details.

At Compas, we maintain an expert understanding of design history. To guarantee beauty and inspirational products, we integrate high standards in our fabrication processes. We make sure that our manufacturing methods do not impact our environment negatively.

The highest quality comes from having the highest standards. Compas meticulously chooses and sources the best materials to manufacture its products. To conceptualize tomorrow’s estates, we can work around the purest ingots to cast our fixtures or the rarest marbles.

To complement its collections Compas designs and manufactures artistically detailed European bath systems, faucets and accessories, all fitted with state-of-the-art high technology components that function seamlessly for contemporary living.

Technical Specs

Goldron-Internal-thermostatic-shower-trim – 011901385 specifications sheet


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