925 Deck Mounted Diverter Spout

Deck Mounted Spout with integrated diverter for Tub – 3/4″ NPT.


925 Deck Mounted Diverter Spout Details


  • Deck mounted diverter spout for a tub-
  • Dual function: tub filler and diverter 
  • To be used with a handheld shower deck mounted. 
  • Requires Two Handles Deck Mounted ( or Wall Mounted) with Valves.     
  • Total projection:7” 3/4
  • Total height: 4 ¾”
  • Width / diameter base: 3-1/2”
  • Available in all finishes. All finishes are unlacquered. 
  • Made with low lead brass; includes possible ABS components
  • Ref number for ¾”: 12506167
  1. In/Flow Connection: Female ¾” NPT
  2. Recommended Pressure: 45 PSI
  3. Recommended Flow: 1.75 GPM for California
  4. Available flow: up to 9 liters per minute (2.5 GPM)
  5. Concealed Aerator included
  6. Metric Threading available upon request
  7. Flow rate for outside the USA: inquire
  8. Wall-mounted spout: available 
  9. See technical drawings 
  10. Weighted Average Lead content complies with 0.25%

Technical Specs

925-Deck-mounted-spout-with-integrated-diverter-.75-inch-NPT-_-12506167 specifications sheet


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