Francis Split Face Limestone




Francis Split Face Limestone

Available finishes: Honed / Polished

Available sizes: Slabs or cut to size.

Usage: Indoor or outdoor.

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Francis Split Face Limestone and all Compas Limestones are available in a wide range of colors. Warm reds, oranges, yellows, creams, corals, greys, and whites amongst them. In addition to colors, the stone itself might have a solid dense look or a more fossilized and crystalline appearance. If you’re utilizing limestone for a residential project the next step is choosing the appropriate finishes for the stone. From, polished, brushed, filled honed or even mechanical finishes creating designs and patterns on the stone.

Each finish has it’s advantages and technical differences or applications.

Limestone being a sedimentary rock is composed of calcium and formed near water with organic matter making it vulnerable to acids. However due to its density it is an extremely resistant material that will stand the test of time as proven by the Egyptian pyramids.  As such it is suitable in any setting.

Today limestone is a very popular choice in both residential and commercial building for both indoor or outdoor usage and can also be easily transformed into architectural elements. Its resistance, durability and flexibility in both usage and finish options make it long lasting and soft underfoot.

Technical Specs



Compas offers a select variety of visually compelling applied surface finishes. Check them out here.

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