Compas shares the following tips to protecting marble and stone against etching and staining and to ensure it will always look its best.



All reclaimed materials are sold ‘as is’ and feature naturally aged characteristics. To maintain them use clean warm water and a mild soap.



As a general rule always vacuum the surface and make sure it is free of dirt and debris. Then wash with warm water and a mild soap. You may seal your marble floor using a protective sealer. Many brands are available. Consult with a professional surface treatment company or your installer. Explain how you prefer your floor to look : satin with a light gloss or matt. He will recommend the appropriate product to use.



Sealing repels staining agents but doesn’t make marble 100% stainproof. Sealer may need to be applied periodically.



Vinegar, citrus, lactic and any light acid will etch marble surfaces or the finish-; don’t let them sit on the stone. To remove stubborn colored stains use Clorox in higher concentration to water- always clean /mop with clean water after. Keep the room properly ventilated during this operation to avoid possible irritation from odors.



Avoid using acidic or abrasive cleaners. Prefer natural soaps and use warm clean water. Keep room properly ventilated during cleaning.



To remove stubborn stains, use a poultice paste. Spread it onto the stain, then cover with plastic wrap sealed with painters’ tape. Once it’s dry (12 hours or more), scrape the paste off and wipe with a damp cloth. For deep-set stains you may need to reapply paste.



The Polished surface of a marble is extremely susceptible of being etched by any type of acid. Avoid any light acid cleaning prod- uct to remain in contact with the surface very long. In case you wish to remove the “etched” areas, talk too and take the advise from a professional installer or surface refinisher. In general to maintain your polished floors: first vacuum, then clean with warm water and mild soap, mop dry and properly ventilate the room.

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