CPS 053 Made-to-order Sink

White oval marble vessel sink carved from a solid block.



CPS 053 Made-to-order Sink

Original sizes:
Actual size of vessel:

Reference SKU#: CPS 053


In order to help you get started or find inspiration while customizing your stone sink, Compas has compiled and stored a sizable database of antique reclaimed sinks.

CPS 053 Made-to-order Sink is fully customized to your specifications. This includes the material of your choice and numerous treatment possibilities, including polished, honed, antique, brushed, and specialized finishes.

Sinks are available in a pedestal, wall or counter mounted format. Modern in design or influenced by tradition, and everything in between. We are able to provide you with limitless possibilities in any size thanks to our European manufacturing method.

At Compas, we maintain an expert understanding of design history. To guarantee beauty and inspirational products, we integrate high standards in our fabrication processes.

The highest quality comes from having the highest standards. Compas meticulously chooses and sources the best materials to manufacture its products. To conceptualize tomorrow’s estates, we can work around the purest ingots to cast our fixtures or the rarest marbles. With us, you can buy Fixtures, Stones, Terra Cotta, Sinks and Home appointments. You can also visit us at our showroom in Los Angeles.

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